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After 21 years, my family and I packed all of our belongings into a million cardboard boxes and moved away. So, I created a series, "A Visual Ode to My Hometown," to commemorate some of the places that I will miss the most.

My Desk (1)

My desk, tucked into the corner of my childhood bedroom. The place where I made and discovered some of the most important art. 

The Beach (2)

A Florida staple and the place I most call home. The beach is tied to some great memories: family board games, Friday night 5ks, too many sandcastles and chapter books, Nick At Nite marathons, saltwater taffy, Angelo’s pizza, walks after the crowds cleared out, some awful sunburns, the oddest tourist traps at the pier... 

The Family Room (3)


The jackpot of reunions. My favorite part of this room is when we all gather and re-watch old home video tapes and question how the heck my parents raised 5 kids.

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