Client: Zakem Coaching + Consulting

Logo Development + Visual System

Below is the visual system that I created for Zakem Coaching + Consulting. Zakem is an up-and-coming start-up that advises individuals and businesses who are seeking direction and guidance in career success. The visual system includes a logo, color palette, type treatments. This project is still in progress and will extend to web design and print materials.

Logo Development​ 


Many competitors in the coaching and consulting spaces hold images that feel rather corporate and buttoned-up. Zakem aspires to create a persona that is approachable and fun while still maintaining a professional level of operation.  The cursive font adaptation combined with the curved edges of the font help accomplish these goals. Additionally, the Asap font family is implemented to balance out the light-hearted logo type.

Colors Palette


Brand colors were chosen based on the warm​ but professional ambiance that Zakem aspires to exude in every interaction. The salmon shade captures the more tender and friendly atmosphere of the brand. The variations of grey offer a more serious tone. The primary color is used for main branding elements, such as the logo and simple color treated deliverables. The secondary palette extends to more intricate aspects of the identity, such as the website and social graphics. 



The font family "Asap" was selected and three weights were utilized-- regular, italic, and bold. The sans serif font maintains a level of simplicity and freshness that Zakem hopes for. Again, because this font has softer edges compared to other sans serif families, the image appears modern and accessible.