Client: Butterfly Rainforest

Branding + Art Direction

The Florida Museum of Natural History houses an experiential exhibit called the Butterfly Rainforest, which is an enclosed garden where visitors can an walk amongst thousands of butterflies. This was the undergrad capstone project and the objective was to build a campaign that would increase visitation of families as well as UF students.


This project involved the work of seven team members, and I filled the role of creative director. I developed all branding elements and deliverables. The campaign samples below include brand identity, outdoor, social, and sale promotion.

* Winner of Best Strategy.

Branding and Identity

While the FLMNH already has a distinct brand image, the Butterfly Rainforest lacked an identity. The re-brand consists of a refined color scheme, font hierarchy, and logo. The brand personality of the Butterfly Rainforest  is both exploratory and enchanting as it promotes learning without academic hardness. 

The content is described as curious, child-like, and hopeful. Montserrat was chosen as the sole brand font. The font evokes a sense of friendliness due to its abundance of weights and softer edges. Montserrat Bold is intended for headlines and subheads. Montserrat Light is intended for body copy. 

The Butterfly Rainforest's identity focuses on the use of four selected colors. The colors are bold and bright, alluding to the "colorful" experience of the exhibit. The selected scheme uses a softer grey-black opposed to the harsh pure black to remain gentle and more-relaxed.

The team began the creative process by creating a campaign personality. If the Butterfly Rainforest were a person, who would they be? This became a guiding light for the visual elements, the voice, and the tone.

Meet Amelia. She is a woman, because the brand leans more towards the feminine side. Her age is ambiguous, as the target audience varies. She is joyful, with a care-free air. Her outfit is colorful and she always has rosy cheeks. She has a zest for life that is contagious. Amelia peaks through all the elements of the campaign.


The outdoor advertisements include a billboard and a bus wrap. The billboard illustrates a child entering the museum in a dream-like state, ready to let his imagination wander. The design is attention-grabbing and inviting as it leaps off the panel.

The bus wrap is an effective tool to reach the local market and college students. The call to action is direct and accompanied by memorable copy. The design is coherent with the brand elements to build the butterfly Rainforest's image.


This social campaign consists of Instagram (organic) and Spotify.

To boost the Instagram, FLMNH will re-post content from visitors who have shared photos using the hashtag #wonderFULL. The feed will also be edited in a consistent manner that favors high exposure, cooler temperature, and a pinker tint. Additionally, the museum will post spotlight stories that focus on the impact the museum has had on visitors. This is a similar dynamic as Humans of NY, but with a more emotional angle. These images will be set in B/W and paired with the butterfly overlay shown below.

The secondary audience is addressed in the Spotify ad, encouraging them to take a study break and visit the FLMNH. Below is the visual that is paired with the Spotify audio.

Sales Promotion

Merchandise includes koozies, tank tops, and stickers. The stickers and koozies are free with admission, and the tank tops are available for purchase. These products are versatile when considering the needs of the primary and secondary audience.