advnt is a Comprehensive Departmental Portfolio for creative student work with the purpose of fostering creativity among UF advertising students. advnt empowers creative students and offers recruiters a look into the department.

I served as the lead illustrator and art director of the pioneering team. Because advnt functions as a startup, this project involved developing event campaigns, two publications, and merchandise.  

Caricature Fundraising

To raise funds to publish advnt, we wanted to do something nobody at UF has done: caricatures. This effort included a branding of the event and live illustration. After creating social media content to spread the word, I spent two days on campus drawing 100+ caricatures. 


Vol 1: (2016)

Vol. 1 reflects the inner workings of a creative mind and process. The content was crafted to display a confident, edgy, and expressive tone. Below is a collection of some spot illustrations I made for the book.

Vol 2: W.O.M. (2017)

advnt vol. 2 centers around the concept of communication and connection, hence the title "Word of Mouth." Below is a collection of illustrations showcased in the publication (Full PDF).

Vol 2 Release Party: Blue Out!